Praia do Forte (Bahia-Brazil): A rather unknown but excellent spot for diving. Padi-scuba, OWD en AOWD diving. Diving course for beginners.
There is another world, immense and fascinating. A world that is constantly changing and is never the same. The intensity and variety of colors burst forth in the middle of complete silence.
It's the underwater world. The discovery of that world and the direct contact with this immense nature, gives a feeling of liberation and perplexity, respect and admiration and leads to an instant addiction.
Those who have had an encounter with the underwater beauties want more...and more...and more....
The local dive team is conduced by Troy, an Australian who once came to Brazil and now belongs to the top ten ranking divers in Brazil. There are different options for diving: either entering the ocean from the beach, or via boat some miles out to sea. These options depend on both the weather conditions and previous dive-experience. Also the depth of diving will be decided depending on experience: a Padi Open Water Diver or an AOWD. A recommended experience is diving in the bay of Salvador. Here you will see the largest concentration of shipwrecks in Brazil, at a depth of between 5 and 50 meters. During low tide there are natural swimming pools, which are excellent for snorkeling.
The location of the dive will be decided on the day, depending on the conditions of the weather and the water. It can be up to 6 or 10 miles from Imbassai. If you have a diver's license, don't forget to bring it. Also let us know your sizes in advance (especially shoe size) so the appropriate kit can be provided. It is obligatory to sign a declaration of good health.
Children under 11 are not allowed to dive.
If you have no experience at all then your first dive will be done in a swimming pool .
-Diving in Praia do Forte € 60,00
-Diving in Itacimirim € 75,00
-Diving by boat in open sea € 85,00
- Diving in the bay of Salvador (price pp, at least 2 pers.)€ 150,00
-PADI-SCUBA Diver's course € 300,00
-Open Water Diver's course € 400,00

* Prices may vary according to exchange rates: