Frequent Asked Questions The answer:
Do I need vaccinations? No, vaccinations are not needed nor required. Malaria doesn't exist in the state of Bahia. Brazil only requires vaccination against Yellow Fever from travellers coming from some Latin-american and African countries.
How is the weather there? The state of Bahia has a tropical climate. All year around the temperature remains between 25 and 30 degrees. Temperatures under 25 and over 30 degrees are very rare. There is almost no difference between summer and winter. June and July are considered the rainy season. Rain falls mainly after sunset. During the day there is almost always good weather and perfect for a beach holiday.
What does Full Board mean? Full Board means that accommodation and all meals, accompanied with fresh juices are included. Only transport and alcoholic drinks will be charged for in addition.
How do I get from the airport to 'Sítio Imbassaí'? We're located less than a one-hour drive from the airport. We offer transport to and from the airport (€ 70).
How far is it to the beach? About 2,5 kilometers (1,5 miles). You can walk it (and many do), but we can also take you to and from, it's just couple of minutes drive.
Do I have to pay a deposit? In order to confirm a reservation we ask our guests to pay a 25 per cent deposit, either with a bank transfer or a money transfer by Western Union.
How to do local payments? Dollars and Euros can be changed easily in bureau de changes. Credit cards are widely accepted. There is an ATM for international cards at the airport, in Praia do Forte (10 km from our place) and many locations in Salvador. We strongly advise not to bring traveller's cheques as they are cashed for at least 10 % less .
How safe is the drinking water?
We have our own well and the water is of excellent quality. It doesn't just taste better, it is actually better quality than local bottled water. We had it analyzed by an officially recognized laboratory. There is always cool water available for the guests and of course it is free.
What is the voltage? We have standard 110 volts. However we do have some points with 220V, but not in the rooms or chalets. But it is possible for you to charge your 220V mobile or other appliances.
Are there many mosquitos? The number of mosquitos depends on the time of the year and the weather (rainfall). During the day you won't see them, but after sunset there are days that wearing long trousers and sleeves is recommended. All beds are provided with a mosquito-net.
What about safety? Crime doesn't exist here, not just on and around the property but also in the village. Safety isn't an issue day or night.