Fishing in Imbassaí, Bahia-Brazil: with your rod and line on lonely virgin beaches or fishing out at sea by motorboat.
Imbassaí used to be a fishing village. There are still some who understand the art of fishing with a 'jangada' (see picture). The jangada is a rickety looking wooden raft, but fishermen sail and row it many miles out to sea. The jangada still regularly sails out from the beach of Imbassaí. Joining such a trip is only recommended for true adventurers.

But the coast of Imbassai is also a playground for fishermen. The long deserted beach will ensure a great day with your rod and line and a well-filled picnic basked. You will have the place to yourself .
If you would prefer to fish out at sea in a safer vessel, Praia do Forte has motorboats and is just a few miles down the road. There are several routes with the use of a GPS. There's also the possibility to use fishing-nets.
Another phenomenon in the region is the so-called 'Pesque e pague', translated 'Fish and Pay'. You will be fishing in an artificial lake with many species of fish. What you catch will be charged for by weight.
In short, if you're looking for an incredible fishing-holiday, then Imbassai is definitely the right place. And whatever you'll bring home, we know how to prepare it.
Olho de Boi
Peixe Dourado
Some of the most comon species in Bahia: