Regular and Charter flights to Salvador (Brazil), Bahia state-capital. Airport at an one hour drive from 'Sítio Imbassaí'.
The British charter 'FIRST CHOICE' has an affordable direct weekly flight from Manchester/London to Salvador. Also the German has a direct weekly flight from Frankfurt to Salvador with a connection from/to London.

There is a daily regular flight (via Lisbon) from the Portuguese carrier TAP from London tot Salvador with just a short stop in Lisbon. Direct flights from most of the European capitals to Salvador take between 8 and 9 hours.

From the USA there is a daily non-stop flight from Miami to Salvador from American Airlines. Once a week there is also a flight from Miami to Salvador by the Brazilian carrier TAM.

There are in Europe and in the USA on any day many connections possible via Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

We have our own transport from and to the airport of Salvador (a one hour drive). We charge 150 brazilian Real (60 Euro) per tranfer.