Music from Imbassaí:
In the sixties the singer Joservaldo visited Imbassaí and was impressed by the rare peaceful tranquility of the environment and its people. He wrote a song in order to tell the world about it:
Vou morar no Imbassai
Vou embora da cidade
De manhã um banho de mar
E o sol me queima a vontade

La tem rio para pescar
Longe da poluição
La chegarei aos noventa
Sem sofrer do coração

Tem a sombra dos coqueiros
Tem camarão, tem sirí
Meu amor que coisa boa
Vou viver no Imbassaí

La eu não pago aluguel
Durmo até mesmo no chão
Minha casa é uma palhoça
Minha luz um lampeão
I'm gonna live in Imbassaí
I'm going to leave the city
In the morning a bath in the sea
And I'll toast under the sun

There's a river to fish
Far away from pollution
There I'll become ninety
Without suffering from my heart

There's the shadow from cocunut palms
There are shrimps and there's crab
O my love what a life
I'm gonna live in Imbassaí

Here's no need to pay a rent
I simply sleep on the ground
My house is just a straw cape
My light a simple gas lamp
Samba de roda is the most traditional samba. It is a very quick dance done by two people within a circle. Every one or two minutes the dancers alternate with two others. Listen here to its rythm:
Samba de roda