Tourist investments in and around Imbassaí: Reta Atlântico (Reserva Imbassaí), Iberostar, Fiesta, Costa de Sauípe, Odebrecht.
The 'Coconut-coast' in the state of Bahia is being discovered. There's a couple of hundred miles coast with untouched lonely beaches, hidden lakes, small rivers, tropical woods and endless dunes with white sand. Imbassaí is just one of the many small picturesque villages on the Coconut Coast.
All that is available under the tropic sun all year around and in a country with political and economic stability, without terrorism and where phenomenons as a huricane, tsunami or even a simple storm are completely unknown.
In a word, a region with a hudge tourist potential that recently was discovered by developers, some brazilian and others backed by international investments.
Some 10 miles around Imbassaí there are investments in tourist enterprises being executed (or are still in design) worth more than a billion euros.
Federal environmental agencies do apply severe rules forcing those investments to respect the natural treasure of the region in all its dimensions. High-rise buildings and even any construction close to the beach or the river are absolutely forbidden.
In the village of Imbassaí the Portuguese tourist investment-group 'Reta Atlântico'builded a residential park called 'Reserva Imbassaí' with a couple of hundred luxurious houses and appartments.
The spanish group Fiesta concluded the construction of a luxurious hotel complex with more than 500 rooms, a spa and various restaurants, even an Indian and Japonese restaurant.
Three miles south of Imbassaí the first five stars hotel from the Spanish group Iberostar was inaugurated beginning 2006. Others are in construction.
Six miles north of the village the tourist complex of 'Costa de Sauipe', finished several years ago, already gained international fame.
Close to 'Costa de Sauípe' the brazilian investment group 'Odebrecht' is building another residential park.