General information about Imbassaí, a small untouched village on the 'coconut coast' in the northern part of Bahia (Brazil) with lonely virgin beaches.
'Imbassaí' means 'course of the water' in the language of the Tupinikim-indians, the original habitants of the region. It is in Imbassaí that the river finds its way to the ocean. In the previous miles the river runs parallel to the beach, just separated by small sand dunes.
The authentic charm of the village remains untouched due to the fact it is physically impossible to get to the beach by any vehicle, you have to cross by a small bridge or take a raft.

The village has a population of around 1.000 people.
Not so long ago Imbassai was a rather isolated community making a living from fishing and coconuts. Since the inauguration of a highway the village is easily accessible and since then tourism has become its main source of income. There are 26 B&Bs. However, there is no question of mass tourism.
There aren't even taxis, everywhere can be accessed on foot. The village has two main unimproved roads which both end on the beach. The village has two small supermarkets for basic needs, plus several good restaurants, most of which specialize in local Bahian seafood. On the very small strip of white sand that separates the river from the ocean there are several very laid back beach-huts where you can sit on either the river or the beach and enjoy delicious fresh fish and drink a beer or a caipirinha. You'll certainly lose track of time. Imbassai has a small clinic for preventive health-care, a pharmacy and a police-post.
The most important festival is that of St. John at the end of June when lots of traditional dancing can be seen. Throughout the year however, the locals always find a reason for organizing a 'samba de roda'. This typical samba-party is as the slaves had done for centuries. Listen the 'samba de roda' on our music-page.
The full moon is also celebrated with a party. You'll find Brazilian and international tourists all year round, but peak season is between Christmas and Carnival. However, even than Imbassaí remains a quiet and peaceful village.