Individual and Intensive Portuguese Course at idyllic country site in Bahia, close to the beach of Imbassaí.
Who are the courses intended for?
The Individual Intensive Portuguese Course is intended for managers of multinationals and international organizations with a proffesional need to learn (Brazilian) Portuguese. But it is also suitable for people who want to learn or perfect Portuguese as a hobby. Travellers may want to start their trip to Brazil by taking this course.

The Course
The course will be organized according to the specific needs of every student. Prior to starting the course, the student should indicate whether the course will be focussed on grammar, conversation, reading or writing. The course has a daily duration of 4 lessons of 50 minutes split into one block in the morning and another in the afternoon. If requested all 4 lessons can be given in the morning if you want to spend the afternoon taking part in other activities. The didactic material will be provided by the school. The class-room and its facilities are always available for the students.
Individual Intensive Course:
1 week
€ 215
2 weeks
€ 430
3 weeks
€ 630
4 weeks
€ 830
Accommodation (with breakfast):
Per week
Individual room with private bathroom
€ 245
€ 345
I come with my partner
€ 25
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