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Personal note from Jan Thielen

I've been traveling for 25 years across Latin America. Most of those years I worked as a correspondent for Dutch radio and television. Later I was an independent documentary-maker and made several awarded films about social and political issues in the continent. It were not just the big cities, I frequently went to the most remote regions where foreigners normally never appear. I think I'm not exaggerating when I say that I know Latin America as few people do. After so many years traveling around comes a day you want (and have) to establish at some place.

On one of my trips I once knew a place that appeared to me a paradise on earth which I always kept in mind: beautiful nature, authentic people, sun all year-round, a quiet and silent place without traffic and where you feel safe. Besides, close to the most beautiful virgin beaches on earth. It's on that place we now established on a countryseat, just a couple of minutes of the village of Imbassaí. Our paradise consist with a couple of hectares of pure nature, which we don't want to hide from others.

We do not offer five stars luxury, but you can expect all the comforts you would appreciate on your holiday. I can assure you that at 'Sítio Imbassaí' you won't miss the 'civilized world' not a bit. I look forward to welcome you here on our 'Sítio Imbassaí'.