Sítio Imbassaí: Enjoy a relaxed kayak-trip over the Imbassaí-river in Bahia-Brazil. You'll see a large variety of the flora and fauna.
The Imbassaí-river flows parrallel to the coastline, meandering through the dunes for the last miles of its course before finally entering the ocean.
In some areas the river is just a small shallow streamlet where the kayak drifts through the middle of many different species of aquatic plants. In other places the river can be wide and deep and offers an excellent opportunity for a fresh swim.
On both sides of the river you will enjoy the large variety of the flora and fauna.
The German, Claudius, has lived in Imbassai since he fell in love with the place, and knows the river as only few do. He represents the 'Ativa'-company, which runs watersport related activities throughout Brazil. He knows that the river is the real treasure of Imbassai and has shown its beauty to countless local and foreign tourists.
You will be picked up at 'Sítio Imbasaí'. He has several kayaks and brings his clients in his specially equipped jeep to Diogo, a few miles north of Imbassai, to where the excursion starts.
The trip will take three to four hours ending in Imbassai. The excursion doesn't require any previous experience and is easy for anybody to do, even for children aged over 9.

The costs of the trip is € 30 per person.