Imbassaí: Horseback riding Capoeira Diving Surfing Whale-watching Kayaking Fishing Sea turtles TAMAR Praia do Forte Salvador Sapiranga Beach walking
In addition to the endless virgin beaches of Imbassaí and the natural beauty of the region, there are plenty of other possibilities to give your visit an extra dimension. Have a quick look at the options for excursions and adventures in Imbassaí-Bahia:

AMAR Sea turtle project. The beaches of Bahia are well-known as a breeding area for sea turtles. In order to save the sea turtles from extinction, the TAMAR project was created, with its main facility in Praia do Forte (8 km from Sítio Imbassaí), where sea turtles of all shape and sizes can be seen. >>More>>
Whale watching. The whales have returned to the beaches of this part of Bahia, and can be seen at close range from a boat. From july till october. >>More>>
The Sapiranga nature reserve. Just a few miles from the Sítio you'll find a unique nature reserve, where the historical García d'Avila Castle is also worth visiting.
Kayaking. For several miles, the Imbassaí River runs parallel to the beach. From a kajak, you can enjoy a fabulous view of the landscape on both sides. >>More>>
Horseback riding. You can ride through extensive dunes to a picturesque village of fishermen and artisans, savor a delicious seafood meal, and return to Imbassaí over wide virgin beaches. >>More>>
Beach walking. On the beaches of Imbassaí, with their fine white sand, you can still walk north or south for hours without seeing anybody. >>More>>
Capoeira. Imbassaí has its own Capoeira academy, where you can learn more about this rich local cultural phenomenon, the African slave heritage. If you like, you can even take a course. >>More>>
Bird watching. The region has a wide variety of virgin nature with marshes, dunes and woods. Accompanied by a guide, it is truly a bird watcher's paradise.
Visit to Praia do Forte. At a just ten minutes drive you can visit the famous tourist beach of Praia do Forte with a rich array of boutiques, restaurants, bars, shops and stalls. And lots, lots of tourists. >>More>>
Visit to Salvador. You can go by yourself but there is also the possibiliy of a guided tour. >>More>>
Surfing. For experienced surfers or beginners who might want to take a course with a professional instructor. >>More>>
Diving. PADI-SCUBA Diver's course and Open Water Diver's course. Diving by boat in open sea and diving to see Brazil's largest concentration of shipwrecks in the bay of Salvador. >>More>>
Fishing. Go fishing on a quiet lonely tropic beach and return with fresh fish, isn't that every fisherman's dream? Also fishing by boat on the ocean.

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