Individual Course at idyllic country site in Bahia, close to the beach of Imbassaí.
Where once Brazil was just a synonym for football and carnival, the world discovered that Brazil is certainly much more than that. As one of the largest emerging markets, the country has become the world's fifth economy, one of the most attractive investment destinations on earth, a unique holiday destination and also headquarters of the World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympics. And so has the interest in the Portuguese language increased significantly. Annually, we receive dozens of students from around the world for an intensive individual course: engineers, company managers and businessmen, translators, flight attendants, in short, people who need to learn Portuguese for professional reasons. But also people who want to take a course as the start of a long trip throughout the country. They have good reason to do so with us because we are one of the few schools in the country that is not located in a big city, and which offers a quality course in an idyllic tropical setting, near the beach and amidst a breathtaking nature. The ideal place to combine business with pleasure together. We hope to welcome you here.
Teacher Elsa
The course:
You can choose between an intensive individual course for one or more weeks. We strongly advise a minimum of two weeks. For more more information and rates please go to Individual Course


The courses are taught at the idyllic countryside setting of 'Sítio Imbassaí', in the northeastern state of Bahia. We provide accommodation in our guesthouse on our 2 hectares property with 8 ensuite rooms with private bathroom, or in one of the chalets with bedroom, living, bathroom and large verandah. Meals and drinks can be served in our own small restaurant. Sítio Imbassaí is the ideal place to learn Portuguese in Brazil where you can concentrate fully on the course and spend your free time in our tropical paradise, just minutes from beautiful beaches.
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